Text 25 Jun 1 note Between Heaven and Hell

It was cold, it was always cold in this little town in the middle of nowhere, but it wasn’t like she wanted to be anywhere warm. Taking a deep drag from the cigarette that hung from her lips she reflected upon what had led her to standing outside of this school in northern Japan. It was strange, but despite how odd she appeared none of the normal humans even so much as blinked an eye when she and her companion roared into town on her motorcycle.

They may have been ‘gaijin’ to the people of the town, but they accepted her and her young charge as warmly as the wind blowing out of the north was cold. Pulling her leather jacket tighter across her shoulders, she let out the cancerous smoke into that self-same wind and let her mind drift. While she was out here waiting, she often found she would pull out the golden ring that she had thought of throwing away countless times as it was just a bitter reminder of the life she had turned away from.

Speaking of which, she looked down to where it was twirling on her fingers lazily, the smoke drifted up to obscure her view. There was just something fitting about seeing it obscured in such a manner. Looking up as a bell rang, she smiled as a small girl came running out of the school waving happily. Dropping the cigarette from her mouth, she ground it under the heel of her boots. “Hey there love, how was classes?” she asked as the smaller female hugged her tightly.

“Boooooring, I missed you Astria, why do I have to go?” the girl whined piteously as she wound her spade-tipped tail around the arm twirling the damnable gold band. “Why can’t I just stay with you? I know how to cook, clean, and all that stuff… I’d be a great wife for you!”

Astrid slowly shook her head as she reached up and stroked the girl’s head, letting her thumb rub lightly over the girl’s tiny horns. Her smile turned predatory as a tiny shiver ran up the girl’s body. “I told you, you’re too young to do that. Let me worry about that sort of stuff and just enjoy your life here.”

“Can we take a bath tonight?” the girl asked innocently as they turned to leave the school, Astrid smiling as she flicked out the gold ring which transformed into her motorcycle. “We’ll see… but first dinner, I picked up some nice fish and a recipe to make a local dish.”

“YAY!” the short demon giggled as she clapped her silky white hands together before clasping her love’s own rough and tanned hand and nearly dragging her to the waiting bike. “Let’s go!”

Astrid laughed softly at the young girl’s exuberance knowing that despite her demonic heritage the only sin upon her was that she fell in love with the wrong person. Turning her eye skyward she sent out a mental finger to the busybodies she knew would be watching this town eventually. They were here, and they were happy, why should it matter to anyone else what happened?

Settling on her bike she smiled as she felt her smaller girlfriend hugging her tightly from behind, just as she had taught her that first ride. Spreading out the wings she had folded tight against the jacket she savored the feel of the wind rushing through the feathers for a moment before taking off. While her girlfriend might be pure as snow, she had a list miles long against her, and if she had anything to say about it, there would be many more to come.

Especially when she finally got around to broaching that final line she held to preserve Luna’s innocence. They had done so much already, but neither of them were ready for that final barrier to be taken just yet. Revving up her motor she peeled out, getting a squeal of terror out of her little lover. For someone who had lived all her life in Hell, the girl was surprisingly easy to scare. Deep down, Astrid had to admit that she loved it and wanted to be more than a little selfish with it.

After all, they had eternity to be lovers, why rush past the fun part?

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